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The BPCC has identified several working committees to concentrate on issues important to our community. The following are the committees and their objectives.

Research Committee
Alexander Wellems, Chair

The purpose of the Research Committee is to advance and support the mission and objectives of the BPCC. The committee works to develop new initiatives, enhance the work of other committees, and to provide information that stimulates success throughout the organization.

Development Committee
Jason Borowski, Chair

The development committee is fundamental to the BPCC’s mission of promoting and preserving the heritage and character of our hamlet.  This evidences itself in the beautification projects that the BPCC is undertaking, whether on our own or in collaboration with groups like the Bayport-Blue Point Chamber of Commerce.  However, the development committee is not just about beautification.

Our goals also include working with government officials to facilitate responsible development and redevelopment projects in Blue Point.  An example would be the exciting redevelopment project at the old Avery Five Mile Look site.  Located at the end of Blue Point Avenue, we are working in conjunction with the Bayport-Blue Point Heritage Association as well as government officials on the town, county and state levels, to reclaim this land as usable open space for the community.  We are hoping to obtain funding, including a state open space grant, for this project during the 2018 calendar year and begin construction on the project during the 2019 calendar year.  We can think of no better way to preserve the heritage and character of our hamlet than having a hand in its future development.

Marketing/PR Committee
Chip Morrow, Chair

The primary Intent of the marketing and public relations team is to clearly communicate the position of the BPCC regarding important issues affecting our community as well as serve as a conduit for promoting the activities of the BPCC.

Additionally, we will promote community involvement through BPCC sponsored events and also directly promote Blue Point and the unique offerings of our community.  This will be done through the BPCC website, a BPCC community Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, newsletters, email and other applicable social media outlets.

Activities Committee
James Powers, Chair

The activities committee is focused on implementing new and exciting events into the Blue Point community starting with the monthly clean up activity. We’ve facilitated the creation of a new Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Blue Point, and we have many ideas in place for the 2019 calendar year. Volunteers are welcome, and much appreciated, to assist in our efforts going forward. If you’re interested in volunteering for the Activities Committee please email us at

Blue Point is Not Westhampton

The BPCC would like to reiterate the important fact that the proposed land where Seafield wishes to open their facility is zoned as single family residential.  Supporters of Seafield attempt to make comparisons between their Westhampton Beach (WHB) facility and the proposed Blue Point facility, but there simply is no comparison. The Seafield inpatient facility… read more

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A Good Neighbor?

In a recent article in The Long Island Advance, COO John Haley of Seafield Center stated, “We plan to be a good neighbor.”  The concerned citizens of Blue Point challenge Mr. Haley on this statement. While researching Seafield and its operations on Long Island, the BPCC uncovered some alarming facts.  For example, in 2001, New… read more

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Make Your Voice Heard

The community is in support of our position as evidenced by a current petition that has gained over 1,700 signatures to date–equivalent to one per every household in Blue Point.  Our community is concerned about the quality of life changes that would result from Seafield’s proposed 76-bed inpatient drug treatment facility, including public safety,… read more

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No Re-Zoning

Regarding Seafield, the BPCC opposes irresponsible development and the zoning change that would be required from A1 – residential to NH-H – commercial health facility.  The location of the proposed Seafield treatment center is in the heart of a residential zone, and the required zoning change would set a dangerous precedent throughout the entire Town… read more

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