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Blue Point is Not Westhampton

The BPCC would like to reiterate the important fact that the proposed land where Seafield wishes to open their facility is zoned as single family residential.  Supporters of Seafield attempt to make comparisons between their Westhampton Beach (WHB) facility and the proposed Blue Point facility, but there simply is no comparison. The Seafield inpatient facility in WHB is on a main thoroughfare along with other service businesses, unlike the proposed Blue Point location, which is in the heart of a residential neighborhood and would require a modification in zoning. WHB is less than three square miles and has a population density of 570 people per square mile, whereas Blue Point is roughly 1.8 square miles and has a population density of 2,554 people per square mile. This is nearly 4.5 times the density of WHB. The number of households with children is 22.2% in WHB and 37.9% in Blue Point. The average home sale price in WHB is $725,000, while the average sale price in Blue Point is $420,000. Supporters of Seafield point out that the WHB facility has been in operation for 30 years.  WHB was very different 30 years ago, which means that the community grew up around the facility.  Here in Blue Point, Seafield wants to drop into the heart of a long established fully developed neighborhood.  Again, this goes to show the situation of their existing facility and what they are trying to do here is not the same.

The point the BPCC is making is that trying to compare Seafield’s existing facility and its impact on WHB versus the impact a facility would have in Blue Point is ludicrous. Significantly more people would be directly impacted in Blue Point if this irresponsible development were to move forward.

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